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Night 8 - Capitåo Bar - March 6, 2013

If you guessed we were a bit tired after Day 8, you would be correct.  We cleaned up a little and hobbled over to the nearest restaurant, the Capitåo Bar, one block away.  Reputedly they had good pizza from a wood fired oven.  It was wood fired, and adequate (albeit weird with shredded and tough beef on it), with some decent beer, but service was dedicated to larger tables, and we left early and went down the block to the Laos Lounge, where we capped off the night with some excellent capirinhas.  These were conducive to deep sleep, which we eagerly embraced at the Pousada Bella Casa.  Stay tuned for more excitement.

Most Brazilians do NOT have pets, but those that do want only the best, and they want it delivered to the house!

No idea why, but the military closed the street for 1 block for a parade.  Guess you don't need much of a reason to have a parade, and these guys do so quite regularly!

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