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Night 10 - Noite do Caiprinhas - March 8, 2013

Being really tired from the long, hot day, we went back to the Laos Lounge Bar for dinner.  Tonight, Friday night, the place filled up early and was really buzzing by 9PM, entirely with locals except for us.  The hostess remembered us and quickly obtained TWO "honesty cards," one for each of us tonight.  We found a table and soon our favorite crazy waiter was there.  We started with a pitcher of Mojitos, then a tuna appetizer followed by a delicious chicken dinner for two.  Capped the night off again with 2 caipirinhas, which were to be our last for a long time.  We hugged the waiter goodbye, and headed off to bed early at 11PM, as we had to leave by 8AM for the airport.  Tomorrow, Buenos Aires!

I will really miss these guys!  The straw is strictly for stirring, NOT for drinking.

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