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Day/Night 31 - A Bit Too Much to Drink - March 29, 2013

Today is Good Friday, an enormous holiday in Chile.  We slept in a bit and found the near-total absence of traffic and traffic noise to be a pleasant change.  Took it easy around the house and at 1PM we went a few stops down the subway line to register for a conference.  Met a couple of guys there and decided to have lunch at one of the few nearby restaurants that was open.  A Japanese place, we had ceviche and teriyaki salmon.  Service was quite slow and the price was quite high.  Had good conversations with our new friends, and then back to the apartment for some wine and cheese to prepare for our third cocktail reception - this one hosted, at the W Hotel.  Drinks were good and plentiful, and there was some food as well.  The dinner restaurant was packed, so we sat at the bar with a couple from Atlanta and continued drinking.  Too much was had by all, and the subway was closed (holiday schedule), happily forcing us to stagger back a mile or so in the dark, deserted streets.  The next morning was a bit rough...

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