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Night 22 - Mucho Mucho Carne - March 20, 2013

With good directions from our hostess, we went to scout a few (from dozens) of nearby restaurants.  The first was very beautiful, but kind of expensive.  The second was much more reasonable, and we took residence at a quiet street-side table around 9:30PM.  We had a couple of bottles of cold water, a salad, and each ordered a steak.  Plus a fine bottle of Santa Julia Malbec.  A few minutes later our Brazilian biker acquaintance from Casa del Campo turned up as well, further validating the bona fides of the restaurant. When the steaks arrived, K noticed right away that her filet mignon was enormous, but that my Bife de Chorizo (thick steak) was obscene.  When they say thick, they mean 3 inches or more.  Weighing in at about one full pound, this juicy delight took over an hour to eat.




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