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Day/Night 32 - VERY Interesting People - March 30, 2013

Met some interesting people today.  See if you recognize anyone in the photos...

I told him my Mom says "Hi!"

I was told by a friend at our table, after I took the following picture, that I could be ejected for taking photos.  I was surprised, as photos (like the one above) were being encouraged earlier, but I stopped immediately.  Since nobody recognized anyone above, I will include a legend to say who is who.

From left to right: Peter Schiff, Nigel Farage, Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards & bodyguard in background

We were able to meet and speak briefly with each of the guys above during the weekend.  All were well-spoken, pleasant, and intelligent.  All men of passion and conviction, with remarkably similar worldviews and forecasts for the future of the world economies.  We are still soaking it all in as I write this a few days later.  If you are not familiar with these guys, feel free to click the links below to learn more:

Peter Schiff wikiPeter Schiff blogPeter Schiff radio show
Nigel Farage wikiNigel Farage website
Ron Paul wiki,  Ron Paul articles fansite
Jim Rogers wiki,  Jim Rogers website
Jim Rickards wiki,  Jim Rickards blog

The conference went on into the night, and managed to catch the last subway back to the apartment after 10PM.  There we simply crashed into a deep sleep.

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