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Day 20 Morning- Bodega and Wine Museum- March 18, 2013

Today, S woke up with low grade fever, so much to his dislike he stayed at the hotel to get more rest.  K set off to get more water and juice.  Unlike yesterday, today being Monday, most of the mini-market stores were open.  After finding the "vino-mercado", a small wine store with bread and other baked goods, water and juices were in hand and K was back to the hotel within 30 minutes.  

Again K ventures out own her own to see what Maipú has to offer,  she did not get very far though.  About a half mile down the road is San Felipe Bodega La Rural.  

Here in Argentina, the wineries are called bodegas.  On site is an outstanding wine museum, since it is only 10:30 in the morning, it is a little early for K to be sipping wine, so she wandered through the public area of the museum while waiting for the 11am tour.  On display were many items from early wine making processes:

A few minutes after 11am, the tour started.  The tour cost $50 pesos which included a small tasting of 2 of the Museo label (mid-grade wine) of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and a $50 peso credit to use in the tasting room for merchandise or more tasting.  This bodega does their wine tasting a bit different than what we and most of our friends are used to, instead of tasting a small flight of the wines (for a price), here at La Rural, one buys the wine by the glass to taste.  A little pricey if you want to try more than one wine.  Here are some pictures of the vineyard tour:

After the tour, it is almost 1pm, so after finding out if she could return later in the afternoon to use the $50 peso credit, K heads back to the hotel to check on S.  Next post will cover the afternoon.