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Night 27 - Seafood By The Sea - March 25, 2013

Since we had wheels we were able to drive to the coast and find a seafood restaurant.  Traffic there was pretty congested, but we soon found parking and walked around checking menus at several restaurants.  One looked very nice, and a bit pricy, of course.  We went in and had the royal treatment.  Opened with Pisco Sours, then a really great bottle of Chardonnay to go with clam chowder (for K) and endive salad (for S).  For main courses K had a local fish in an almond crust, and S had a different local fish smothered in mushrooms and cream sauce.  For dessert, K went with Bailey's creme brulee with espresso and S chose an apple meringue tart.  All delicious!  Drove back to the apartment - sure better than walking a couple of miles...


  1. I learned to love pisco sours in Lima, Peru. Our travel agent arranged an afternoon at a politician's home and we were serenaded, fed and served numerous sours. Haven't been able to duplicate them here at home. Must try again since I hve two different bottles of pisco.