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Night 12 - Late Evening Dining - March 10, 2013

Since this is the last night at the Solar Soler B&B, I thought a brief tour of the place could be in order.
The common area, set for breakfast

Semi-communal Kitchen

City View from Our Room (Primero Patio #4)

The Patio Below

So you can see we still continue to suffer and live in discomfort and poverty.  Life is very difficult here on the other side of the world.  In one regard this is true - the evening meal is usually taken at 10PM or later.  The Argentinians eat a tiny breakfast early, then a good sized mid-day meal between noon and 2PM, then almost all restaurants close until at least 8PM or 9PM, and then they re-open for dinner.  Having had a large and late lunch earlier in the day, we decided to try it, heading at 10PM for a Uruguayan style restaurant a block and a half from the B&B. 

We were quickly seated and had sparkling water to drink and dry, doughy bread to eat.  I had clearly ordered still water "sin gas" but the waiter brought and opened the fizzy stuff "con gas," so we just rolled with it.  Dinner consisted of a milanese Napolitano, which was a thin slice of beef, seasoned and breaded, fried and topped with pizza toppings - mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.  It was quite good.  We also had an odd cut of beef, barbecued, and plain.  It was not awful, but not great.  Same could be said about the bottle of Malbec.  All in all a mediocre experience, but cheap enough at $27.  We decided to bag it and go somewhere else for dessert.  This proved to be a tactical error.   While you are welcome anytime after 9PM, you are supposed to stay there - and you can stay nearly as long as you like.  But after about 11:30, few restaurants want nor welcome new customers.  After walking a bit and finding nothing inviting, we skipped the dessert and headed for bed - a much more healthy option.  We both slept very well and comfortably, waking after 7:30 or so.

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