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Day 15 - ¿Desinsectacion? - March 13, 2013

Yesterday we noticed a small placard that was place in all three of the building's elevators.  Here is a photo of it: 

The words here were pretty meaningless to me, but K noted that Miercoles meant Wednesday, so it was for today.  We figured the building was spraying for insects, but the rest was not very clear, even using Google translate.  So last night we asked Sebastián about it, showing the photo on my phone.  He said it was definitely spraying for bugs in the morning today, and if you saw any insects in your apartment, you should keep your cabinet and closet doors open.  If not, keep them closed. And all food should be secured and stored in the refrigerator.  And the residents were advised to be out of the building in the morning.  No times were given.  With the late night we desperately wanted to sleep in, but got up at 7:30 and made the preparations (cabinets closed for our place) and were out by 9AM.  We asked Artemio, the security guard, about what time we could come back.  He told us around "Doce o trece" (Noon or 1PM).   We ventured around the corner and found that the pizza place from Monday was open for business.  We ordered orange juice, coffee for K and tea for S, and some croissants (medialunas).  Found a nice spot on the second floor balcony (called the first floor - in Argentina the ground floor is number zero), and set up to watch the people below on the streets.  Unfortunately we had great difficulty connecting to the wi-fi, and they reset it several times to no avail.  So that delayed blog updates by a full day.  Still we enjoyed the small meal and the view and the cool (60F) weather.  

My office for the day!

Why won't this damned Wi-Fi work?  Soon we gave up.

Taxis here have a large, bright LED sign to show they are Libre (available).  Very easy to see, especially at night.

The tab with tip was US$20 with 2 double espressos, 2 hot teas, 4 croissants, plus 2 enormous orange juices that I did not mean to order.  Worth it, though, as minutes before the juice was stored safely inside real oranges!

Ultimately we were frustrated enough to relocate to Starbucks down the street, renting the table for the price of a cup of tea, less than $US2.  We walked back to the apartment at 1:15 to drop off some stuff, but found ourselves to exhausted to move.  Even though the famous cemetery was only two blocks away, it was simply too much for us, and the day was overcast.   So we spent the rest of the day in the apartment, napping and checking emails from home. 

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