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Night 13 - Pizza y Cerveza - March 11, 2013

After ensuring things were good at the hospital, we ventured out to get some groceries - a dozen eggs, various veggies, cheeses, and so forth.  Easy to find, and fresh, in the mercado half a block away.  After stocking the kitchen, we decided to find the subway (called SUBTE).  7-8 blocks later we found the entrance, went downstairs where it was VERY hot, and found that tickets were ARS $2.50 (about 25 cents US).  I bought a 10-pass for each of us.  We decided to try it and took the train to the Catedral stop.  Like any subway, when one emerges at a new station (especially after dark), it can be very disorienting.  We set off in a direction that seemed good, but found after a while it was the wrong way.  Circling and wandering a bit we found ourselves on Calle Florida, the famous pedestrian avenue, which was nearly deserted.  We followed it a while, then decided it was going the wrong way.  The side streets were deserted and creepy in this central business district, so we stayed on the main ones and somehow stumbled into Plaza de Mayo, a very famous area in Buenos Aires.  A couple of buildings were lit in bright colors.

Not every station was this nice...

Realizing we were very tired and hungry, we took the subway back and thought about a very late dinner, maybe 10:30 PM.  We strolled around streets on the way back to the apartment for a couple of blocks and found a really nice place that had pizza, pasta, and postres (desserts).  We ordered a liter of Stella Artois cerveza (beer) imported from Belgium, and a large mushroom pizza.  At this point we realized we had eaten essentially nothing but the tiny breakfast at the B&B.  We made quick work of the snack tray (roasted peanuts, house made potato chips, and some sort of cheese noodle/crackers.  The pizza came quickly and was excellent - mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, gooey cheese, thin crust - Neapolitan style.  Oddly the pizza also had large green olives on it, WITH pits.  Still delicious.  For dessert we had a chocolate cake, some dulce de leche (sort of caramel) ice cream, and 2 double espressos.  Total bill with tip was around $32.  

We retreated to the new apartment and crashed.  The night was warm and clammy, and the little air conditioning unit did little to mitigate it.  Need to figure something else out. Will worry about that mañana...


  1. Lit building is Pink House, Cristina's office, jaja
    (like the White House)

  2. All I can say is I hope you survive this adventure! I like the lit up buildings. dinner at 10:30 PM sounds hard on the stomach but I have heard that many Spanish cultures do this.