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Night 30 - Dinner for Two - March 28, 2013

We arrived at the cocktail hour at 7:10PM, and it was scheduled for 6-8PM.  It was going strong, and we met some new folks and talked to folks we met the day before as well.  About 9PM we were hungry, and suggested to the couple we were talking to that dinner was in order.  As these things generally work, our party of 4 grew quickly to 7, and we marched down the street to a restaurant that one couple liked.  It was full and they wanted us to wait in the bar 20 min.  I declined, and we left the 5 to wait.  We walked a block or so and found a nice table in seconds.  It was a burger place, but they were out of burgers.  So K had a meatball sandwich and S had a roast beef sandwich.  Quite excellent, but 2 sandwiches and 4 beers cost US$50.  Such is life in the big city...

The Metro (Subway) is very smooth because it uses both horizontal and vertical pneumatic tires.

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