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Day 20 Afternoon/Evening - Mucho Vino!

When K arrived to the hotel after the bodega tour, she found S sitting outside enjoying the warm weather.  He is feeling much better and the fever subsided.  Since he has been cooped up for the past 2 days, he was ready to venture out on the bicycles, slowly taking our time to ride down the lane and eat some lunch at Casa de Campo.  Not very often we get the change to have rabbit....very delicious!

S was frustrated since he has yet to get the SIM card from Argentina Personal to work.  Customer Service, what a joke, is in Spanish of course so Francisco came to our aid to only have Personal hang up on him too - 5 TIMES!!!  After a bit of food and a nice bottle of Trapiche malbec, S was in a better mood than he appears in the photo below:

Brain still not working - stop telling me stuff and asking me questions!

After lunch we ride the bikes along the main street for a few miles, noting that there was not much to see. Not wanting to push himself to much, we headed back to the hotel, but stopped along the way at the La Rural bodega for a glass of wine for my $50 peso credit.

K ordered a glass of Syrah which had a price of $52 pesos, so she handed over the $50 peso receipt and a $10 peso bill, then had a seat with S at one of the tables.  A young lady brought over not 1 but 2 full glasses of wine (easily 6 ounces or more in each glass), the Syrah and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc along with the $10 peso bill just given to her.  Wow, that was an unexpected surprise! Remember we had already had a full bottle of wine less than an hour before!  We sip our wine and K shows S around the public part of the museum returning back to our table to finish our wine.  Two men had taken a seat next to us and kindly insisted we try some the Chardonnay they were sipping.  S accepted their offer asking for only a small tasting pour...the man kept pouring and pouring until the bottle was empty, 5 ounces or more.  Another full glass of wine!  

Cynthia, the bilingual tour guide, came in while we were enjoying our glasses of wine.  She kindly posed for a picture.  

Total glasses of wine so far, 3 for K and 4 for S, we walk out to our bikes and slowly ride back to the hotel.  Along the way, a motorcycle policeman was parked on the side of the road watch for speeders or drunk drivers, who knows.  As we ride past, he smiles and waves at us.  Good thing we were on bicycles!

When we arrive, Soki, the golden Labrador wants to play.  S enjoyed throwing a piece of wood for Soki to fetch.  He was good  about bringing the wood block back but not about releasing.  Good time was had by both Ss.  Glad S is feeling better.  (editorial by S: moving around a bit, drinking wine, and playing with a dog for an hour will cure about anything.)

 Soki came by our room as if to say "Can S come out to play?!"

For the rest of the evening, S & K sat out on the porch enjoying conversation and a little more wine tasting with the other guests, one couple from San Francisco, CA and other newlywed couple from Australia.  Around 9pm, S & K and the Australian couple walked down the lane to a mercado to get some cheese, crackers, and salami for dinner.  Off to bed for a good nights rest.


  1. How did you come to go to Mendoza?

    Are you aware of the place Mendoza has in the history of the liberation of South America? It was where San Martin created and trained the Army of the Andes. Subsequently it was the place from which he made his famous crossing of the Andes to liberate Chile from the Reconquista.

  2. To be honest we were inspired by more recent history - the wine industry and advice by more than one local. They basically said, "It's difficult for foreigners to run a business in Argentina, but if it can be done anywhere, Mendoza is the place."

    Good to learn the deeper history as well.


  3. Parque General San Martin
    Ave Los Platanos, Mendoza, Argentina

    Cerro de La Gloria, Mendoza

    The Ladies of Mendoza financed the Army of the Andes by donating their jewelry to be melted down.

  4. If you are interested in the military history i can send you some nice links.

  5. P.S. glad you are feeling better!!! :)