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Night 7 - Pousada Bella Casa - March 5, 2013

After consulting with Silvana we ventured out to dinner at a locals-only place, a beer garden a few blocks away.

Walking this area after dark was not too difficult.  The streets were well-lit and people were out and about.  We stayed away from dark areas, fences, and the like, and felt quite safe.  The restaurant had one menu that was somewhat translated into English, and we used that along with the regular menu to figure out what to order.  We both ended up with steak dinners, as we were famished after skipping lunch and our long walk about town.  They were both generous and delicious, and reasonably priced.  We finished the night with a couple of caipirinhas, the famous drink of Brazil, and returned to the pousada to crash in the silence and tranquility of our new, larger room.


  1. It was pretty good, but I have to say the food in Argentina blows Brazil away. Even the Brazilians begrudgingly admit to this...