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Night 4 - Here's the Beef! - March 2, 2013

After returning to the house for some relaxation and laundry, I decided that vegetarianism is just fine for Mauro and Camila, but I was wanting some serious meat.  Curitba has a famous restaurant that now has become a local chain - respected as one of the top steak and burger places in the city.  They have a location close by the house, so here is where we went for dinner: Madero Burger and Grill.  We had about 15 minutes wait on comfortable patio furniture outside in the open air in very pleasant evening (around 9:30 PM) weather.  We were shown to a table and K and I both ordered Filet Mignon, hers with herbal sauce and mine with green peppercorns, and we also added a couple of excellent local beers.  Mauro made do with vegetarian fettuccine and juice.  Dessert was small cups of ice cream for Mauro and myself while K had a tiny espresso.  Truly awesome.  We returned to the house and slept like rocks.

I was instructed by K to add some photos for her friend Kathie. Here you go!


  1. OMG! Thanks! Now do we know what species they are? Looks like vultures in the lower right hand corner and an egret above them but I have no idea what species the other bird is. It reminds me of a lapwing but further research is needed!

  2. Rohrerbot, thanks for taking a look at this post. Southern Lapwing seems to be the consensus! Beautiful bird!