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Day 18 - K on Her Own Today - March 16, 2013

K here.  S is in bed trying to rest and not get any sicker.  I venture out in the morning to the United Nations Square to see the "Floralis Generica", art designed as a homage to all flowers.

It is a stainless steel and aluminum structure standing 20 meters tall weighing over 18 tons, controlled by a hydraulic system and photoelectric cells. The petals open in the morning and close at night.  At the base is, or should I say was, a water reflection pond, now somewhat empty except a small amount of water which the birds use.

As I continue to walk through the park, I notice some very strange trees with huge thorns on its trunk.  One of the trees also had a nest of some sort.

Huge thorns!

Afterwards, I head back to the apartment passing through several plazas and parks along the way all being enjoyed by many on this pleasant sunny day.  In Plaza Mitre a couple of ladies were feeding the pigeons along with a few sparrows and parrots.

I was surprised to see this parrot amongst the pigeons.
Parrot eating bread crumb.

Continuing on my walk I stroll up these lovely stairs and pathway.

When I arrive at the apartment, S and I are both hungry so we head out for a bite to eat, then back to bed for S. Meanwhile, there is lots of daylight left,  I venture out again to the tourist bus stop to finish the tour around Buenos Aires that we did not complete yesterday.  Only about an hour was needed to complete the rest of the tour passing through Palermo and Belgrano barrios with the sights including the Japanese Garden, the Hipodrome Argentine (horse racing fields), Campo Argentine de Polo (polo fields) and various other statues that I have no clue of their origins.

I exit the tourist bus near the Recoleta Cemetery to find that the plaza is filled with an open market full of venders selling various goods and trinkets. After a brief look to know that this market is just like any market at home, I walk the last 3 blocks to the apartment.


  1. the tree with huge thorns is called "palo borracho"

  2. Very brave of you to venture unaccompanied, K...