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Day 6 - Farewell to Curitiba - March 4, 2013

Today we slept in a little, then Mauro had to take Camila to the doctor.  Apparently he is a homeopathic doctor and they like him very much.  We stayed and began to organize and pack our things, and we also looked after their dogs, Ozzy and Estoupinha.  Ozzy is very calm, but he loves to look out the front window and bark at people.  He is fine with some, and just stares, but others turn him into a barking machine.  Otherwise he is just calm and mellow.  Estoupinha is quite different - a rescued street dog, she is small, lean, and fast, and within her there is a strong, coiled spring.  She can jump up on you in a split second, and then be gone just as fast.  Both are friendly and they seemed to like us.  We had brought some special dog treats from the USA, and both of these dogs loved them
These Vitabones are made in the plant managed by our friend Dan, and they are good for the dogs, quite inexpensive, and every dog loves them.  I have seen finicky dogs turn their nose up at expensive treats, but then go crazy for the Vitabones.  It took some work to get the dogs to relax for a photo, but we were able to get a few.


Dois Cachorros!

Mauro returned about 11AM with a big surprise.  Marta, Camila's mother, wanted us all to come to her place for a traditional Brazilian lunch.  We were glad for the invitation and, after a stop to pick up Camila, we went over to Marta's apartment.  It was in an older building in downtown Curitiba, on the second floor, and had 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a large kitchen.  Being an older building, all the rooms are quite large with high ceilings.  Very beautiful home.  Marta spoke no English, but that fact did not deter her from being an excellent hostess.  We had a normal meal.  Only a few things, like lettuce and salad greens, shredded carrot, shredded beet, fresh watercress, fresh limes, olive oil, rice, beans, baked chicken, fresh persimmons, fresh grapes, something made from corn and salt (very tasty, like sweet corn, with consistency of butter), steamed cauliflower, baked figs, and chocolates.  With a beer for afterwards.  All of it - the massive food, the loving family, the atmosphere, the event - it was all perfect!  A wonderful way to complete our time in Curitiba.  

Marta, Camila, and the end of our "small" meal

S, K, and Marta, who is holding our calling card

Camila and Mauro, our excellent hosts!


  1. You all look so happy! I am glad to see you smiling and having a good time! Stay safe and have fun! Love you guys!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. We are indeed having a great time!


  3. Will you share how you found this wonderful "bed and breakfast?" Did Mauro have a job outside the home?

  4. Mauro's place and nearly all of our accommodations were found and booked through

    The B&B (for 2 nights) in Buenos Aires and the 2 places in Mendoza were found with