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Day/Night 28 - Chilean Wine Country - March 26, 2013

After our usual breakfast by K we hit the road in our little roller skate car and headed down the road for Casablanca, a well-known wine area.  We took a small detour looking for a big lake in a national park, but we never did find the access road.  At the town of Casablanca we found the Casas del Bosque winery.  A stunning place, it is the hobby of the owner of the large retail chain, Falabella.  We decided to pop for the family tasting - 4 high end wines.  We sampled a Sauvignon Blanc, a Carmenere, a Syrah, and a Cabernet Sauvignon.  All were delicious.  The tasting host persuaded us to stay for lunch at their very nice, high-end restaurant.  We started with abalone empanadas, then K had a lamb risotto and S had a fish curry - all delicious and accompanied by a very nice reserve Chardonnay.  Three or four hours later we headed back to the apartment for a siesta.

Wines made from this row of grapes will inspire the answer to Life, the Universe, and EVERYTHING!


After the big and expensive lunch, we grabbed a bottle of their reserve Carmenere to have at the apartment.  Dinner in again tonight, where the wine will complement the remaining cheese, salami, bread, and crackers.  Tomorrow we return the car and take the bus to Santiago for a week in an apartment there...


  1. Well, this is right up your alley, isn't it! I am glad you are having fun. I read about the cracked mirror in the posts above and the frustration in returning the car. How nice that you now have this blog as a reminder of the whole trip as it will soon be over as I am sure you are more aware of than me. I hope your last few days are wonderful and that your flight home goes very well with NO Disasters!!!!!!

  2. Hey, I got your "Hitchhiker's" reference!