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Night 5 - Last Night in Curitiba - March 3, 2013

Mauro brought us back to the house from the train station, and we began to unwind and relax. I worked on photos and blog while K and Mauro worked their respective emails. After a couple of hours Camila returned from her seminar, both energized and exhausted by the experience. To save energy and hassle of going out, Mauro decided to make us all dinner. It turned out to be an excellent combination of vegetarian pasta and salad with some good Brazilian beers. All went to bed early. I have no pictures, and you should be thankful, because all of us were pretty disheveled. I slept only 4 hours, and woke up to use the restroom. After that I was unable to go back to sleep. This is normal for me and happens at home all the time. So now I am feeling like I am at home here in Brazil. I put the time to good use, and now I am up to date on the blog. I shall close with a bonus picture for you.


  1. Lovely! You and G III have the same sleeping habits!

  2. No idea if it is a habit, a quirk, or a curse. But may as well be productive rather than lying awake or tossing and turning!