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Day 35 - Touring Santiago - April 2, 2013

I suppose a lot of you enjoyed my little joke yesterday in your own way.  Some were angry at being fooled (like my Mom) and some laughed and laughed (like my Dad).  Anyway, back to the dull international routine today.  The conference is over and we had no schedule.  We slept in a bit, and there was no brass band at the Military School today.  We had made plans to meet our friend J, and we connected at about 2PM.  We started with a late lunch of pizza and beer at Tiramisu, one of the less expensive and higher quality restaurants in the area.  Then we retrieved J's car from an underground garage and headed across the city.  J toured us from end to end of the city's barrios, from upper middle class to lower middle class and everything in between.  We were quite impressed with the Bohemian areas of Barrio Brazil and Yungay, which were full of interesting architecture and opportunities.  J dropped the car off in its parking place and we parted ways, heading for the Metro and back to the apartment.  All in all a quite relaxing day.  Nothing was particularly photo-worthy, so here are some pics of our apartment.

The layers of Andes Mountains dominate over the haze


  1. S, can I assume that you're wearing long khakis to protect us from your shiny, white legs?

    1. Secondarily yes. Reality is no male under 20 wears shorts except to exercise or at the beach. In Chile and Argentina. Brazil is much more casual.


  2. kinda that way in europe too...only Americans wear shorts and jeans with sneakers. Euros wear capri pants, yes even the men, and dark socks with athletic attire...ick...

  3. Okay, I'm ALL caught up on every day/entry of your journey! Very exciting!