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Night 40 - Last Night in South America - April 7, 2013

We decided to take the Metro for one stop past our apartment and walk down Av. Paulista to backtrack.  This allowed us to see a few more new sights along the way, but nothing of particular note.  We prowled around the restaurants and bars a block from the apartment.  I had one more thing on the "must do" list for today.  After turning down several deals for buffet meals, we finally found it - Acai!  This was so good we devoured half of it before rembembering to take a photo.

This Acai came with banana on top and a cup of granola to sprinkle as you work your way down

Delicious stuff!  We walked slowly back to the apartment to take a rest and think about gathering our things to pack tomorrow.  A few hours later we went back to the same restaurant for a dinner of steak and beer, and it was good and reasonably priced.  The reason we always have beer in Brazil instead of wine is that all decent wine is imported with high tariffs, so the cost/value ratio is not favorable.  But Brazilian beer is good and plentiful.  We collapsed, exhausted, into bed for our last night's sleep in Brazil and South America.  

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