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Night 36 - A Decent Meal, Finally - April 3, 2013

After our bus tour we were quite hungry.  I looked on my handy electronic map of Santiago on my iPhone, but it only lists the restaurant names, not the type or whether they were open.  We decided to walk back towards the LAN office and just see what looked good.  Not much did, but just by the LAN office there are two Argentinian restaurants across the street from each other.  One was deserted, and the other had a few people and was on the shady side of the street.  Temperature dictated the shady one, called Bariloche.  The menu was reasonably priced and full of meat, as one might expect.  The wine list was also quite reasonable.  We feasted on steak, potatoes, salad, and red wine - the best meal we've had in Santiago.  The only better meal we had in Chile was the VERY expensive seafood dinner by the sea in Viña del Mar.  And this one was about half the price, but not what you would call cheap...

Excellent wine, about US$30

My rib-eye, and yes, that's a fried egg.  Delicious!

K's Filet with a big hunk of cheese on it!

We limped back to the apartment for a quiet evening in, retiring by 11PM.  Of course some idiot called me on my phone at 2:30 in the morning, TEN TIMES!   I muttered in English, and he did not understand, but just kept calling back.  I finally powered down the iPhone and spent 2 hours getting back to sleep.  

P.S.  The twit called me again the next day, and I told him the name he was asking for was bad (malo) and that my name was different.  He finally understood, I hope...

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