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Night 1 - Part Deux - February 27, 2013

The Houston to Såo Paulo flight did depart right on time.  The aircraft had a very nice set of movies, TV shows and games in the on-board entertainment - all free of charge.  The dinner service was very quick, and they made the cabin dark just after dinner cleanup.  We watched some TV and dropped into a fitful sleep.  No matter what position you assume while reclining in an airline seat, within an hour or less you become uncomfortable.  Shifting positions ultimately results in an arm or leg poking out into the aisle, where someone will bump or trip over it.  All of these factors plus random noise and movement from neighboring passengers will disturb your sleep patterns.  I used some eyeshades and earplgus and made the best of it while K used earplugs and curled up against the window.  After a while I woke up and was wide awake - done for the night.  A glance at the watch showed that there were still 5 more hours to go.  I watched movies and played some games on the entertainment system to while away the time.  The cabin was quite dark and a bit cold, but at 6 AM I peeked out the window shade and saw that we were over the Brazilian countryside, and too high to make out much detail,  other than it was very green.  Broad daylight.  A few hours later we saw this and began our descent and approach into Såo Paulo, Brazil.  Night 1 was finally over, and we have finally arrived in South America!

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